Drawing upon over 60 years of experience in acoustic excellence, KEF is driven by the pursuit of

making high-fidelity sound accessible to all. The LSX II LT Wireless HiFi Speakers embody this mission,

presenting a streamlined version of the LSX II, an award-winning compact wireless HiFi system

that delivers pure, accurate sound, while offering the compatibility and convenience of cutting-edge

technology. Retaining the remarkable acoustic performance and core features of the LSX II, the LSX II

LT speakers also incorporate the iconic Uni-Q driver array, renowned for its natural, accurate sound

reproduction. Equipped with the W2 wireless platform, they allow effortless music streaming as well as

plug-and-play functionality with TV, desktop computer systems, and more. Designed by Michael Young,

these speakers are available in three contemporary finishes, catering to various aesthetic preferences.


Play all the music in the world

At the digital heart of the LSX II LT sits the same cutting-edge W2 wireless platform that drives the

LSX II. This ensures that no matter how you like to listen to music, you can do so with the minimum of

fuss and in pristine sound quality.

The KEF Connect app lets you stream Amazon Music, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer, Internet Radio stations

and podcasts. Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast seamlessly stream audio from compatible devices,

whilst Bluetooth expands the options even further. You can use native apps to stream directly from

Spotify Connect, Tidal and QPlay. When using Airplay 2 or Chromecast you can stream to multiple

speakers, so you can play music all over your house.

If that wasn’t enough, LSX II LT can also play your own private music collection from a compatible

NAS drive or music server. Plus, audiophiles are covered with extensive file support up to 24bit/384kHz

(PCM) and DSD.

Plug and play to TV and desktop

Alongside Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, LSX II LT also boasts an extensive collection of wired connections. These

include HDMI ARC for seamless control using TV remote and a high-quality USB-C input which makes

LSX II LT the perfect desktop system with your computer. There is also an optical input for your CD

player, game console, and many other devices. And, if you demand your movies and music come

with some extra bottom end, there’s a dedicated subwoofer output so you can connect a KEF subwoofer

for the bass you crave.

Seamless home integration

LSX II LT is more than a high-fidelity speaker system - it is designed to enhance your everyday life.

Seamlessly integrate LSX II LT into your smart home to browse and play music, select sources, or use

controls such as play, pause, and adjust the volume via your smart home app or control interface.


Wireless HiFi Speakers

Summary of features

• Plays all major music services and supports

all major audio formats

• DSD and PCM up to 24bit/384kHz

• Extensive connectivity for your TV, desktop and

other equipment: USB-C, HDMI ARC, optical,

subwoofer output

• 11th Generation Uni-Q driver array for accurate,

pristine sound

• Music Integrity Engine for rich, full-bodied sound

• System power: LF 70W class D, HF 30W class D,

Max. SPL:102dB

• Intuitive setup with user-centred features

• Personalised listening experience via

KEF Connect App

• Design by Michael Young

• Optimised cabinet design for best acoustic


• Mounting inserts to secure on P1 desk pad and

S1 floor stand

• 8m C-Link interspeaker cable available as

a separate accessory for versatile speaker


• Available in 3 finishes: Graphite Grey,

Stone White and Sage Green

PERFORMANCEHigh-Fidelity sound Each LSX II LT speaker uses a version of KEF 11th generation Uni-Q driver array specially designed for this loudspeaker. This signature technology acts as a point source, where the tweeter is placed at the precise acoustic centre of the woofer, recreating how sound is produced naturally. This design eliminates the traditional, tiny 'sweet spot,' instead delivering accurate, pristine sound to all listeners. LSX II LT has a combined 200 Watts of system power. Both the primary and secondary speakers are equipped with dedicated amplifiers for the tweeter and woofer, ensuring the delivery of room-filling sound in its remarkably compact cabinets. Performance is further enhanced by the Music Integrity Engine. This cutting-edge collection of bespoke Digital Signal Processing algorithms is optimised for the Uni-Q driver, enabling the LSX II LT to deliver a perfectly timed performance, resulting in better clarity and a tighter, more accurate sound.USER-CENTREDUser-focused experience The KEF Connect app walks you through the set-up and controls the system and playback navigation, with intuitive sound settings so you can adjust LSX II LT to best suit your room.With its powerful Room EQ DSP, LSX II LT can be fine-tuned to your room and personal taste without the need for a degree in acoustic engineering. 'Normal' mode is designed to talk you through the process with easy questions - all you might need is a tape measure. For easy integration of a KEF subwoofer with LSX II LT, Room EQ includes subwoofer pre-sets for the best possible system performance.LSX II LT also comes with a host of other user-friendly features including volume settings, sensitivity adjustments, and the ability to select a source to wake it up when it comes on.DESIGNSound by KEF. Design by Michael Young. The aesthetic design of LSX II LT comes courtesy of Michael Young, one of the leading lights in the world of industrial design. Famed for his sophisticated take on minimalism, Young’s signature is a smart, pared down aesthetic that perfectly suits LSX II LT’s requirement to deliver pristine, accurate sound while also looking incredible. LSX II LT is available in a choice of three finishes: Graphite Grey, Stone White and Sage Green. These satin matte and tone-on-tone finishes contribute to a refined aesthetic, creating a sleek and contemporary look. With an elegant rear panel and subtle design accents such as colour-matched finishes on the Uni-Q driver and ports, every aspect of LSX II LT is carefully considered. For convenience and versatility, LSX II LT incorporates mounting inserts, allowing secure placement on the P1 desk pad or S1 floor stand. Additionally, the speakers are compatible with the specially designed C-Link interspeaker cable. This dedicated cable ensures seamless and reliable connections. The 8-meter C-Link cable offers an impressive 5 meters of additional flexibility, allowing a greater versatility and customization for any individual speaker setup preference. IN THE BOX


Power cord

Interspeaker cable (3m)

Remote control

Quick Start Guide, warranty and safety information

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