The Integrated Amplifier… Reimagined

In 2007 Peachtree Audio introduced a new integrated amplifier that immediately and forever changed the amplifier landscape. This amplifier - our original Decco - was groundbreaking for its time. It had a unique industrial design with an aluminum front panel, a simple button and knob user interface and a rounded wood case finished with beautiful veneers. Inside, it housed a class A/B power amplifier, a tube buffer visible through a window in the front panel and, most significantly, a USB input with built-in DAC to accept a direct connection from a Mac or PC! "Computer audio" was born, with Peachtree's Decco and Nova amplifiers on the leading edge, and with computer audio a defining part of Peachtree's identity.

We now introduce nova 2.0 . . . a completely new generation of Peachtree integrated amplifiers that reimagines the original concept and takes it to an even higher level. Nova 2.0 is the culmination of everything we've learned as a leader in computer audio, plus a few new things we hadn't gotten to - until now!



DyNEC by Peachtree provides the BEST iPhone music experience!

Peachtree Audio gives you a unique iOS input for your iPhone or iPad. The exclusive Peachtree 2.0 DyNEC (Dynamic Noise Elimination Circuit) eliminates all audible power supply and screen noise. This is the world's only system that addresses this problem and yields a dead quiet background.

nova300 - A New Generation of Power


ESS Reference 9018K2M Sabre DAC

32-Bit/384kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD (double-DSD) compatibility

New generation ICEPower amplification - 300 watts per channel @ 8Ω

450 watts per channel @ 4Ω

Extensive internal grounding

Designed by a world-class engineering team

Asynchronous USB, Coax and (2) Optical inputs

Asynchronous iOS input for direct digital input from Apple Lightning devices - with exclusive Peachtree DyNEC (Dynamic-Noise Elimination Circuit) technology

Phono (MM) input

Home Theater Bypass

Loop feature to add an external tube buffer, EQ or other processor into the signal path

Pre-Out for use as preamp/DAC or with subwoofer

HIGH OUTPUT discrete headphone amplifier

Available in Gloss Ebony Mocha and Piano Black

Made in North America

Stunning Results

We take great pride in what we have accomplished with the new nova300. It accommodates virtually every type of music source people use today, from spinning vinyl at home to streaming audio from the cloud. We've ushered in an impressive new suite of technological advancements - from the DAC through the power amplifier and at every step in between. This new nova is designed around tried and true audio engineering philosophies to ensure exceptional sound quality and superb measured performance across the board. The new novas are truly the most beautiful and exceptional sounding products we have ever made and are every bit deserving of the designation nova 2.0. We hope you choose to make one a part of your musical life. We are confident that if you do, you will love it!

Newly designed cabinet vent

Maximizes cooling and matches the faceplate finish on both Piano Black and Gloss Ebony Mocha cabinets.


Compatible Speakers 2.5-16Ω

Output Power (WPC, 8Ω | 4Ω, <1% THD+N, AES17) 300 | 450

Dynamic Range (A-weighted) 105dB

Damping Factor (1kHz, 8Ω) >625

Frequency Response (20 - 20kHz) <+/-0.4dB

Inter-Modulation Distortion >80dB below fundamental

Total Harmonic Distortion (AES17, 1kHz, 4Ω) 0.005%

Channel Separation (1kHz, 8Ω) >90dB


Output Voltage (rms) 3.8V

Output Impedance 100Ω

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Analog | Digital Source, un-weighted) 105dB | 105dB

Channel Separation (1kHz) >115dB

Frequency Response (Analog | Digital Source, 8Hz-20kHz) <0.1dB | <0.5dB

Total Harmonic Distortion 0.003% (2V rms, 1kHz, un-weighted)


Output Power (32Ω, rms | peak) 1200mW | 2770mW

Output Power (300Ω, rms | peak) 330mW | 700mW

Output Power (600Ω, rms | peak) 170mW | 350mW

Output Impedance

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Analog | Digital Source, un-weighted) 107dB | 106dB

Dynamic Range (Analog | Digital Source, un-weighted) 107dB | 100dB

Channel Separation (1kHz) >100dB at 1kHz

Frequency Response (Digital source, 8Hz-20kHz) <0.5dB

Frequency Response (Analog source, 8Hz-100kHz) <0.1dB

Total Harmonic Distortion 0.003% (2V rms, 1kHz, un-weighted)

USB-B Input

Formats PCM and DSD

PCM Sampling Rate and DSD Frequency Rate 16-32 Bit, 44.1-384kHz PCM

2.8224-5.6448MHz DSD

COAX and OPT Inputs

Formats 16-24 Bit, 44.1-192kHz PCM

AUX Inputs

Maximum Voltage (rms | peak-to-peak) 3.5V | 10V

Impedance 100kΩ


Maximum Input Voltage (rms) 120mV

Impedance 47kΩ

RIAA EQ No rumble filter used

LOOP Output and Input

Maximum Voltage (rms | peak-to-peak) 3.5V | 10V

Impedance (input | output) 100kΩ | 100Ω

AC Power

AC Input 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Maximum Power Consumption 1200W

On Mode (Idle) Power Consumption 32W

Standby Mode Power Consumption <0.5W

Fuse 100-120VAC: 8A/250V Medium Acting

220-240VAC: 4A/250V Medium Acting


Height (including feet) 4.37 inches | 111 mm

Width 14.02 inches | 356 mm

Depth (including volume knob and speaker binding posts) 14.25 inches | 361.95 mm

Weight (shipping weight) 17 lbs (21 lbs) | 7.7 kg (9.5 kg)


Parts and Labor Two years

Three years if registered online

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Peachtree Nova300

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