The Integrated Amplifier… Reimagined

In 2007 Peachtree Audio introduced a new integrated amplifier that immediately and forever changed the amplifier landscape. This amplifier - our original Decco - was groundbreaking for its time. It had a unique industrial design with an aluminum front panel, a simple button and knob user interface and a rounded wood case finished with beautiful veneers. Inside, it housed a class A/B power amplifier, a tube buffer visible through a window in the front panel and, most significantly, a USB input with built-in DAC to accept a direct connection from a Mac or PC! "Computer audio" was born, with Peachtree's Decco and Nova amplifiers on the leading edge, and with computer audio a defining part of Peachtree's identity.

We now introduce nova 2.0 . . . a completely new generation of Peachtree integrated amplifiers that reimagines the original concept and takes it to an even higher level. Nova 2.0 is the culmination of everything we've learned as a leader in computer audio, plus a few new things we hadn't gotten to - until now!


Compatible Speakers 2.5-16Ω

Output Power (WPC, 8Ω | 4Ω, <1% THD+N, AES17) 150 | 250

Dynamic Range (A-weighted) 105dB

Damping Factor (1kHz, 8Ω) >600

Frequency Response (20 - 20kHz) <+/-0.4dB

Inter-Modulation Distortion >80dB below fundamental

Total Harmonic Distortion (AES17, 1kHz, 4Ω) 0.008%

Channel Separation (1kHz, 8Ω) >90dB


Output Voltage (rms) 3.8V

Output Impedance 100Ω

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Analog | Digital Source, un-weighted) 105dB | 105dB

Channel Separation (1kHz) >115dB

Frequency Response (Analog | Digital Source, 8Hz-20kHz) <0.1dB | <0.5dB

Total Harmonic Distortion 0.003% (2V rms, 1kHz, un-weighted)


Output Power (32Ω, rms | peak) 750mW | 1600mW

Output Power (300Ω, rms | peak) 130mW | 275mW

Output Power (600Ω, rms | peak) 64mW | 135mW

Output Impedance

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Analog | Digital Source, un-weighted) 107dB | 106dB

Dynamic Range (Analog | Digital Source, un-weighted) 107dB | 100dB

Channel Separation (1kHz) >100dB at 1kHz

Frequency Response (Digital source, 8Hz-20kHz) <0.5dB

Frequency Response (Analog source, 8Hz-100kHz) <0.1dB

Total Harmonic Distortion 0.003% (2V rms, 1kHz, un-weighted)

USB-B Input

Formats PCM and DSD

PCM Sampling Rate and DSD Frequency Rate 16-32 Bit, 44.1-384kHz PCM

2.8224-5.6448MHz DSD

COAX and OPT Inputs

Formats 16-24 Bit, 44.1-192kHz PCM

AUX Inputs

Maximum Voltage (rms | peak-to-peak) 3.5V | 10V

Impedance 100kΩ


Maximum Input Voltage (rms) 120mV

Impedance 47kΩ

RIAA EQ No rumble filter used

LOOP Output and Input

Maximum Voltage (rms | peak-to-peak) 3.5V | 10V

Impedance (input | output) 100kΩ | 100Ω

AC Power

AC Input 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Maximum Power Consumption 400W

On Mode (Idle) Power Consumption 15W

Standby Mode Power Consumption <0.5W

Fuse 100-120VAC: 6.3A/250V IEC time lag high breaking capacity

220-240VAC: 3.15A/250V IEC time lag enhanced breaking capacity


Height (including feet) 4.37 inches | 111 mm

Width 14.02 inches | 356 mm

Depth (including volume knob and speaker binding posts) 13.25 inches | 336.55 mm

Weight (shipping weight) 15 lbs (19 lbs) | 6.8 kg (8.6 kg)


Parts and Labor Two years

Three years if registered online

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Peachtree Nova150

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